New Walk Museum

Year 3 had an absolutely amazing time at New Walk museum over the last two weeks. They had the opportunity to share their knowledge, ask and answer questions and hold Egyptian artefacts. They explored the real mummies and had a … Continue reading

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Spellings – Common exception words

In year 3, we need to know how to spell the following words.

This can be additional practise at home. Be creative with how you practise. Some children are still struggling with the words from last year too.

3 and 4 common exceptionsYear 3 common exception words

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French descriptions

Last week in French, we were learning how give basic descriptions of our eyes and hair.

We had a practise of how to say it and read it in French.

Here is a sentence machine to practise at home, maybe you can teach your family…


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Should I show my face?


In our Google Education account we have the option to add a picture – rather than just use our initial.

Is this helpful?

Is this safe?


Rather than using a real picture of ourselves we can create an Avatar which is a digital image that looks similar to us.  It is much safer as it doesn’t give too much information away.

Any of these websites will help us create a digital image.


I wonder who this image is meant to be?


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Jim and the Beanstalk

This week, we will be writing our own version of Jim and the Beanstalk. Here is our whole class story map from 3P.

Practise at home and try to include your writing targets.

english plan

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Parts of the body

This week in French, we have been learning about parts of the body.

We played different games like Simon says and also learnt how to sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French.

Here are the body parts we learnt, I wonder if you can remember the ones from the song.

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Equivalent fractions

This week, Year 3 have been learning about equivalent fractions.

What does the word equivalent mean?

Can you find the equivalent fractions for 1/2? 1/3? 1/4? Use the fraction wall to help you.

Image result for fraction wall

Once you have found them all, can you see a pattern?

Can you find any more equivalent fractions with a larger denominator than the fraction wall shows?

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8 x table

Here is the link to our new song to help us learn the 8 times table.


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Play me a tune!

Today, we have a break from film making to play some music.

Can you make up a great tune?

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Elf yourself.

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