In  Year 3, we need to practise counting in hundreds.

Here are two links to help you practise:


Have a think about the place value.

Which numbers change when adding 1? 10? 100?


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We are now safe to surf.

For the first four weeks of term we have thought carefully about how we can stay safe online.  We know that if we find anything that makes us uncomfortable we need to close the laptop lid and TELL a teacher. 
We have started to use Goolge as a search engine to help us find the information.  We now know that websites may pay to get to the top of the list so we need to be careful about which links we follow. 

During the year we will keep revisiting these safe surfing skills and not just in computing. 

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Safer searching skills.

WALT – use the internet to find information.

Using what we have learnt in class use the internet to find out the answers to these questions.

Remember when you find the information can you trust the website?  Is it fact or Opinion?


Search Engine, Key, Term, Result


  • Safe Searching Skills.
  • Use a search engine.
  • Put in key search terms.

Can you find me:-

1.A website with information about deadly snakes.
2.A website that gives you information about the  World War II.
3.A website that gives information about the NASA trip to Mars with a robot.
4.A useful website to practice your times tables on.



At the end of web adresses there are extensions but what  do they mean? – This extension means the website is a school (sch) in the United Kingdom (uk)

Can you find out what the other ones mean?  You can ask an adult OR even use a safe web search.




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Login – Find the blog!

Today in Computing we had to learn to login as Year 3!  When we were in KS1 we had no password – now we are LKS2 we have to learn one!  Once we logon we will need to find the blog so we can practise our maths skills.

We will need to try logging on all on our own using our own computer.  REMEMBER the password is on the board to copy- make sure the Caps Lock button isn’t on (Warning Triangle)  and that the login says LKS2.

At the need of the lesson we need to turn the computer off, BUT NOT WITH THE LIT BUTTON!  We need to use the start circle.



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Staying safe online.

This half term we are learning all about safe internet searching.


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Where’s Wally in Coventry?

You should Click on the following links to complete your worksheets about the locations Wally has visited in Coventry.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Transport Museum

Blue Ribbon Island

Lady Godiva Statue

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Welcome to Year 3

The children have all settled in well and have been working really hard!

Please remember to send in some indoor shoes and also a water bottle.

PE is on a Monday and a Tuesday every week however they will have PE on Friday 8th September.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

The Year 3 team

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Year 3 end of year information…

Dear Parents,

Thursday 20th July is Sports Day, please send children in wearing PE kits and you are welcome to come and watch from 9am.

As we are coming to the end of the year, we would like to have a toy morning on Friday 21st July. Please bring in a toy that you are happy to share with your friends. We kindly ask that you do not bring in any electronic toys such as: tablets, iPods or handheld gaming devices.


We would also like to have a party in the afternoon to say farewell to each other. It would be great if each child could bring some party food or drinks to share.


If you haven’t already handed in your library book or home reader, please bring that in too.




Year 3 team

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Year 3 homework 29th June

Hi Year 3,

Our homework will continue to be set on the blog. As i’m sure you’ll agree, we are not going to be giving homework books out as we do not want them to get misplaced or left behind when travelling between schools.

Challenge 1 – In Science, we have been learning how water is transported in plants and discussed how we could prove this. If you would like to try this experiment at home, click on the link below to find out how to do this. Write your findings on a piece of paper and bring them into school – this will help with our Science lessons.

Image result for science water plant experiment

Experiment – how is water transported in plants?

Challenge 2 – You should now all be money experts! Answer the following Maths questions involving money..




1) Matthew orders a hamburger and an ice cream.

How much will his order cost?  ___________

Matthew pays with £2.00. How much change will he have? __________



2) Jessica buys 2 hamburgers and 1 cola

How much will this order cost? ___________

How much change will Jessica get if she pays with £5.00? ________



3) Aamir spends £3.50 in the Burger Bar.

Calculate the change he gets from £5.00 _________



4) Helen spends £2.70.

How much change will she receive from £5.00? _________



5) Choose 3 items from the burger bar for yourself





Calculate the total cost of your order ___________

How much change will you have from £5.00? __________






















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Year 3 homework WB 19.06.17

Hi Year 3!

Because we are still continuing  to travel to Sidney Stringer, your homework is not going to be given on paper – it will be on here instead.

English –  this week in English we have been learning about the rules of speech within a narrative. Your task this week is to write a conversation between the Stone Age boy and another character of your choice. Remember, he travels back in time so your character of choice must be someone from history e.g. Winston Churchill, Tutankhamun etc.


Maths – this week in Maths we have been learning all about money. Your task is to complete either of these tasks (or both if you are super star!)

  1. Go to the shop with your parents. When you or you parents purchase something, you must work out the change before you receive it. Check if you’re right. How close were you? This is a chance for you to use money in real life.
  2. How many different ways can you make £10?
    Challenge – rather than using £ coins, try using smaller coins


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